Call Barging/Eavesdropping

Modified on Tue, 20 Apr 2021 at 01:54 PM

A recent addition to Luna PBX allows users to take over existing calls (also referred to as call Barging) and also to listen in on a call, while being able to talk to the PBX user (referred to as Call Eavesdropping).

The barging feature allows another user to take over control of a call immediately, if they should want to do so. The eavesdropping feature can be used as a training tool, allowing a 3rd party PBX user to listen into a call that another PBX user is currently on. Additionally, the eavesdropper can talk to the PBX user, but this cannot be heard by the caller. This means the eavesdropper can provide on-the-call training advice to an operative if they should need it.

You can only do the above if the call has come into a Luna PBX Group. You cannot, for example, barge into a call which has been sent directly to another PBX extension.

In order to perform the above, you will need the pickup code for the call in question. This can be accessed via the Queue statistics page, in the reports tab. For more information, see this article.

Once you have the pickup code, you can intercept the call by dialing **(code)*, so assuming the pickup code was 12345, you would dial **12345* from the phone wanting to barge into the call. If you wanted to eavesdrop, you would dial **(code)#, so using the code 12345 again, you would dial **12345#.

Users can only barge/eavesdrop if they have the call pickup feature enabled on their extension. Any user on the PBX can perform the above and they do not necessarily have to be in the particular Queue in order to barge/eavesdrop calls in there.

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