Transferring Calls using Grandstream Handsets

We have recently updated our managed Grandstream handsets, to make the call transfer procedure a bit more streamlined. Below is the method of how to transfer calls from your handset.

1. Answer the call as normal.

2. Press the "Transfer' softkey on the bottom of the screen..

3. Once pressed, the call is placed on hold, and a 2nd line is then opened to place the call to the transfer destination...

You will notice you have 3 options, Cancel, BlindTrnf and AttTrnf. Cancel simply resumes the initial call, cancelling the transfer request. 'BlindTrnf' selects Blind Transfer. This means that the call will be transferred immediately once the outbound call has been placed. It is referred to as 'blind' as the transferrer does not know if the outbound call they placed was successful or not. 'AttTrnf' stands for Attended Transfer. This process establishes the call between the transferrer and the transferee, before the call is transferred to the transferee. This allows the transferrer to talk to the transferee before the call is passed through.

As such, you would select the option you wanted to use, by pressing the corresponding softkey. The option will be highlighted blue, as per the above screenshot.

You then need to dial the number you want to transfer the call to. This can be an external number, or a PBX extension. Once the number has been entered, you can either wait for the phone to automatically dial the number, or you can press the transfer type softkey at the bottom again, in order to force the phone to dial the number.

If you selected the blind transfer option, that is all you need to do. The call will have been shifted to the alternate destination, which you dialled.

If you selected Attended transfer, the call will ring the transferee. When they answer the phone, you will then be speaking to them (the call has NOT been transferred yet). Once you are ready to transfer the call, press the 'Transfer' softkey. This will transfer the call through.

The instructions were made using a GXP2140 handset. The procedure is the same for all 21x0 handsets. On the 2135, you may need to press the right hand options menu, after the initial "transfer' button has been pressed, in order to see the 'AttTrnf' option.

If you have any questions with regards the above process, please feel free to chat with us online, e-mail the support desk here, or call us on 08003101010.

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