PBX Feature Codes

Here is a list of feature codes which are available on the Luna PBX system. Variables are contained within parenthesis. 

**{extension} -  This feature allows you to pick a call up from another extension that is ringing. You must have "Allowed to Pickup" enabled on the extension you are attempting to pick up the call with. (1)

Example - Extension 1001 is ringing, and the operator is using 1002. Operator dials **1001 on their extension, 1002. Call is picked up on 1002.

*{cli}*{ddi} - This allows you to change the CLI (Caller Line identity) on outbound calls. Usually, the number presented is fixed, on either the extension or the PBX. This allows you to overwrite the default on the system. Please note, you can only present numbers which are present on the account the PBX is linked to. 

Example - You have 2 inbound numbers on your account, 01300218006 and 01300218007. By default, you present 01300218006 as your number on outbound calls. To present 01300218007 on a call to 08003101010, you would dial *01300218007*08003101010. On handsets other than the Grand stream handsets we supply, you may have to add a new dial plan within the phone to support this feature code.

{extension}*6 -  This is allows you to leave a memo on an extension. This is in the form of a voicemail message. As such, the extension you are leaving the memo on must have the PBX voicemail enabled. 

Example - 1001 wants to leave 1002 a memo. 1001 dials 1002*6 and after the beep, leaves the message and hangs up. When 1002 dials their voicemail box, they will be able to listen to the memo. 

Please note, that there are no features codes relating to call transfers etc. We utilise the SIP method of call transfer, so no additional signalling is required to transfer calls. If your chosen SIP device supports blind call transfers and/or attended transfers, then these functions should work fine within the PBX without additional feature codes.


(1). - If you utilise BLF (Busy lamp function) within the PBX, you can perform a call pickup by simply pressing the key associated with the ringing extension. For more information on BLF, please see this article.

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