Basic Hosted PBX Phone Configuration Settings

This guide will cover the basics of configuring a phone for use on the Hosted PBX system.

To start off with, you will need your SIP Login, SIP domain and password, which is located within Selfcare (here). Once logged in, click on "Hosted PBX", and select the one you wish to configure, if you have more than one. Now, click on Extensions, which will provide a list of your available extensions on the left hand side. Select the extension you wish to configure, and the information will be displayed. It will look like the below picture...

if you do not know the password, you will need to reset it, by selecting the 'change' option. For security reasons, we cannot recover this password for you.

You will now need to login to your phones configuration portal, via its assigned IP address. As each phone uses different methods of operation, it is almost impossible to outline the exact steps needed here. Refer to the quick start guide, if available, that came with your phone, to locate the IP address the phone is on. Once you have this, open a new web browser, and browse to the IP address. Log into the phone using its default username and password (once again, the quick start guide should have this information).

Once you have logged in, you will need to update the SIP settings within the phone with the details you obtained from Selfcare. This is usually under 'Accounts' → 'Network Settings', but once again, it varies for each phone. Refer to the quick start, or configuration guide for your phone, to find out where the section you need is located.

Once located, enter the details you obtained from Selfcare. Some options can be tailored as you see fit, such as the Name. Once the details have been entered, save and apply the changes. If all has gone correctly, your phone should now be showing that it is registered. You can also check its registration status on the Extension page within Selfcare.

Congratulations! You have successfully configured your phone.

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