GXP2140 - How to transfer calls

Transferring calls on the 2140 is pretty straightforward, but there are a few ways it can be done, so this guide is to outline your various options when it comes to transferring calls.

  1. When you have answered the call, your screen will look similar to the below picture...

  2. In order to transfer the call, press either of the keys highlighted in the picture below. This will place the call in progress on hold.

  3. Once done, your screen will look like the one below....

    Before you enter any number, you can select the type of transfer you want to use, by using the 2 softkeys below the screen, labelled either "BlindTrnf" or "AttTrnf". These stand for Blind or Attended Transfer (For more information on the difference between the 2, see the Addendum at the bottom of this article). By default the system will use Attended Transfers, as they are more reliable, especially if you are attempting to transfer the call to an external number. However, if you want to perform a blind transfer, select the "BlindTrnf" button and you will see that option will be highlighted on the screen, like the picture below...

  4. You can now enter the number you want to transfer the call to. The phone will refer to any stored phone books, to provide a name for the number, if available. it will look like below...

    Once the number has been entered, you can then initiate the transfer either by pressing the lower "Transfer"key, or the either of the 2 softkeys below the screen, which provide the 2 transfer options. Please note, if you transfer the call using the softkeys, and you select a different option to the one highlighted, the phone will use the option that was selected, not the highlighted option.

    If you selected a blind transfer, this is the end of the process.

    If you performed an attended transfer, the phone will then call the number/extension you wish the call to be transferred to. When they answer the call, you can then speak to the transferee before connecting the caller to them. In order to then complete the transfer, press the "Transfer" softkey shown below...

    This will then immediately connect the caller to the transferee, leaving your phone available to take another call.


    Blind Transfer - Means that the call will be transferred immediately once the outbound call has been placed. It is referred to as 'blind' as the transferrer does not know if the outbound call they placed was successful or not.

    Attended Transfer - This process establishes the call between the transferrer and the transferee, before the call is transferred to the transferee. This allows the transferrer to talk to the transferee before the call is passed through.

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