GXP16xx - How to transfer calls

Please follow the below steps to transfers calls using your GXP16xx device...

  1. When you want to transfer the call, press the transfer key, as shown below...

    This will place the call existing call on hold and open the 2nd line.

  2. Dial in the number of the person you want to transfer the call to. If another PBX extension, you can simply dial their extension number (1003, for example), or if you want to transfer the call to an external number, dial the number in full.

  3. Once the number has been entered, you have a few different options, depending on how you want to transfer the call. You can either...
    1. Press the transfer button again, which will perform a blind transfer.
    2. Push the 'More' Softkey (shown below) and then select 'AttTrnf', which will initiate an Attended transfer to the number in question.

      followed by...

    3. Press the 'Cancel' Soft key to abort the transfer and resume the original call.

  4. You can also initiate a transfer between two separate lines (if your phone supports it). You would do this all follows... 
    1. Initiate a call, then place it on hold (by pressing the hold button, which looks like a pause button).

    2. You would then open the 2nd line, by pressing the unlit line key on the left-hand side of the screen.

    3. Dial the other number and wait for it to connect.
    4. When the 2nd line has connected, press the transfer button.
    5. Press the line key associated with the original call you were on.

      This will instantly connect the 2 lines together, transferring the call over.

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