What else can I do with virtual numbers?

There’s lots more:

Virtual numbers make your marketing super-sonic

Put a different number on each of your marketing channels and let call stats tell you which channel is generating most calls. Know where your best calls are coming from and so make informed marketing decisions instead of blind ones.

Again, the calls from the different numbers can all go to a single place or be distributed amongst different colleagues. 

Virtual numbers perfectly complement cloud-based telephone systems

Numbergroup’s cloud PBXs are feature-rich telephone systems that require no phone hardware, CPUs or cables. They’re the best thing since sliced bread - and virtual numbers complete this cloud-based set-up. 

And that means your entire telecoms service is virtual, flexible and adaptable to any change in circumstances or location. While to the outside world, you present as a large, established operation with departments and multiple employees - even if you’re just a couple of people working from home. 

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