Zoho Integration Troubleshooting FAQ

Q: Users extensions are not syncing with Zoho

A: Follow the below to resolve the issue...

  1. Ensure that you have entered the Zoho users' e-mail address against the extension they use on the self-care portal.
  2. Ensure that you do not have the same e-mail address entered against more than 1 extension. The system can only sync 1 extension per Zoho account. The system will normally sync the first extension that the e-mail address was entered on, but can cause the users' integration to fail completely.
  3. If you have recently added the users' e-mail address, ensure you click "sync" on the integration page to force our system to re-sync the integration with our systems.
  4. The integration is linked to the account it was created on. This means you cannot use a PBX on another Numbergroup account with the same integration. Only add users' e-mail addresses to PBX's on the account with the matching integration.
  5. If you continue to have issues after checking the above, then please e-mail us on and we will assist you further.

Q: We have synced our extensions, but the synced users are empty/missing entries.

A: This can sometimes happen if the portal doesn't refresh properly. If the integration is confirmed as working by the user in question, try logging out of the self-care portal and then logging back in and check the synced users list again. If the extension is still missing, then log out, clear your browser's cache and then log back in again. If the extension is still missing after this, then please let us know on

Q: I have set up the integration and synced our users, but I don't see a way to make and receive calls in Zoho.

A: The integration is not a webRTC like service. It requires a separate SIP device to operate in order to function. You can use a soft-phone if you wish, but there is no browser-based solution for making/receiving calls provided with the integration.

Q: How does Click-to-Call work?

A: The process is as follows...

  1. You click the "Call" button within Zoho.
  2. The users' extension will then ring. It will display the number you have selected to call in Zoho on the screen. 
  3. Answer the call.
  4. The system will then connect the call to the requested destination.

If for whatever reason, you decide to not proceed with the call, you can reject the initial call from Zoho, which will cause the call attempt to fail. The display on Zoho will take a few moments to update, and then display and a message advising the extension could not be contacted.

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