Time of Day Routing

One useful feature we supply with the majority of our accounts is Time Of Day routing. This basically allows you to set Open and Closed times, per number. This then allocates you 2 routing sets for 1 number. One for your open time, and one for your closed time. Please see the below for an example...

Browse to your Numbers section in self-care, and select the number you wish to adjust. Then, click on the Time Of Day section shown above. This will update the centre display, which will look like this...

In order to enable time of day routing, you just check the 'Apply office hours' checkbox and click save at the bottom. You then need to adjust when you are open and closed.

If you want to specify your own times, please set the drop-down box to 'Custom' and you will then be allowed to manually adjust the times at which you are open/closed.

One thing you will notice after enabling the time of day function is the presence of 2 options in the number list, which will look like this...

The number with the -O is for your open hours' routing, and the -C is for your closed hours' routing.

You can now specify individual routing settings for each time of day. It acts as a separate number, in many ways, so you can have a different IVR, routing, voicemail, prompts and recording settings on each.

If you need any assistance with this feature, please contact us and we will assist you further.

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