What is number porting and what do I have to do?

You can transfer existing phone numbers to a new location, a new technology or a new supplier (like Numbergroup). 

The process by which your current numbers move to a new place a new technology or are transferred to your new supplier is known as ‘number porting’. 

Once your numbers have been ‘ported’ to a new service - or to a new place - they continue to work as they did before. 

If you bring your telephone numbers to us then porting is done for you - you fill in some basic details on our form and we’ll handle it from there. 

Contact us here and we’ll help you with this. In the meantime, here’s 5 things to keep in mind when porting existing numbers from another supplier over to us:

  1. Don’t cancel your contract with your current supplier until your numbers have been ported. In other words, speak to us before doing anything at all with your current supplier. 
  2. Let us see a copy of your latest telephone bill - it’ll give us lots of information that we need.
  3. Fill in our Letter of Authority: this is where you give us a few bits of important information - such as which numbers you want to transfer and on what date.
  4. We’ll confirm your porting request within 3 days.
  5. When the porting is complete and your current numbers are now working with us then you would cancel your services with your old supplier. 

Please note - If you are porting a landline number with additional services on it, such as broadband, alarm systems etc. these services will be automatically ceased when the number ports away. There are also situations, which may prevent the port, if the line is a feature line. We can confirm this with you if any problems should occur during the porting process.

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