How does a cloud-based phone system work with my mobile?

Our hosted PBX system, Luna PBX, can work with a mobile in a number of ways. We can...

  • Send the call to your mobile phone number (essentially a call divert)
  • Send the call to our mobile App

this gives us some options when it comes to handling your calls. This means we can...

  • Call both your office phone and mobile phone at the same time
  • Call both your office phone and the App at the same time
  • Call your office phone first, and if you don't answer it, send the call to your mobile after a set delay

There are many more creative ways we can include your mobile phone with our phone system, so please feel free to ask if you have any particular needs.

If you utilize our Mobile app, you can also place calls on hold, set call routing and transfer the calls between colleagues. As the app uses either a Wi-Fi connection or Your mobile phones data network, we encrypt all calls between the device and our network, to ensure total peace of mind and security.

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