What is a Cloud PBX?

Let’s start with a traditional PBX. 

A PBX is a phone-system that allows you to take calls, make calls, transfer calls to colleagues… and comes with a host of useful features that makes internal and external communications work better.

Traditional, physical PBXs are fixed to a particular premise or office and consist of a central processing unit (CPU) - the large computer that is the ‘brains’ of the system - plus telephones, an operator console, sockets, wiring and so on. 

They take up space in your offices - the CPU often needs a ventilated cupboard and rack of its own - and are costly to buy and maintain. 

Numbergroup’s cloud-based PBX dispenses with the biggest and most cumbersome physical components of a PBX. The brains of the system - the CPU - is hosted by us at our premises. So you have no CPU and none of the cabling that connects the CPU to the phones inside your premises or the exchange equipment outside. 

You need an internet connection and something to make and take calls - which can be laptops, telephones or smartphones.

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