We have recently launched a conferencing solution which is built into our Hosted PBX solution. This allows you to create conferences, linked to DDI's, so external participants can dial in. You can also dial into the conferences locally as well.

In order to setup a conference, you will need to go into your "Cloud PBX" settings within selfcare, and goto "Conferences". Here, you can add your conference sessions.

As with Call/hunt groups, each conference is provided an extension number and you can create as many as you need. You then assign this extension number to a DDI, to allow external participants to dial into the conference. Internal extensions can dial the conference extension number directly, to access the conference. In each conference instance, you can set the conference to be permanant, which you would use for recurring meetings. You would set the PIN for the conference once created, and share this with the attendees, and this can then be left in place. Please see below..

The other mode available is booked. This allows you to schedule conferences, under the same extension number, but for particular amounts of time and with differing PIN codes. This could be utilised in an office, if you wanted to have 1 conference number, but needed to setup different conferences, for different uses. You could schedule each conference call, and share the details of the conferences in question with the callers/agents required. Please see below for some examples...

We also supply the option to record your conferences, but you need to have a call recording subscription in place for this to function. If you require this, please contact and we will discuss your requirements further.

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