Managing your SMS Contacts

You access and manage your SMS contacts via the "Contacts" section in the portal. There are 5 sections, as shown below...

  1. Contact Groups - This allows you to add. delete and adjust contact groups. This includes adding/removing contacts. splitting contacts and sending messages to groups.
  2. Single Contacts - This allows you to upload, edit, delete and export single contacts in the system. You can also manage opt-outs (contacts who have responded to you, opting out of future SMS messages)
  3. Opt-Outs - This takes you to the list of contacts who have opted out of your SMS messaging. This allows you to easily maintain your contact lists, ensuring only customers who wish to be contacted are.
  4. Create Group - Allows you to create a new contact group
  5. Search & Replace - Allows you to search all your contacts and edit, delete and adjust groups associated with the contacts.

Contacts within the system allow you to store their number, and 5 other bits of information. These are First Name, Last Name and 3 Custom entries, labelled Custom 1, Custom 2 and Custom 3. 

As you may have guessed, you can use the Custom fields to store whatever information you want. You could, for example, store contacts company names under Custom 1. It would be a wise practise to ensure that all your contacts are stored in the same way, to ensure that if the custom fields are ever used in SMS messages, the correct information is formatted into the SMS message.

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