Why choose a cloud PBX over a physical one?

First, cost.

The brains behind the PBX are on our premises, not yours. So you need no CPU hardware or cabling and you don’t need a ventilated space to house it. 

And the cost of providing, using and maintaining our cloud PBX is a fraction of the cost of owning a physical PBX. You can enjoy big company capabilities at start-up prices

Our system is significantly more reliable and robust than a physical PBX and should there be a fault of some kind it’s likely to be one we can fix from our end. 

Second, usability.

A cloud PBX has a huge number of features allowing you to handle any kind of caller demand, office set-up or specific working practices with ease. You can switch features on and off as you need to. 

Amongst the many advantages you get with our cloud PBX is the ability to allow people to use the system from home, from abroad, from their car or hotel. 

The system creates a unified whole which means calls can be made, received and transferred in a way that makes it appear to both you and your callers that your entire team is in the same office. You can monitor and track usage no matter where your colleagues are working from.

Three, scalability.

Start small, grow bigger… then grow even bigger. Our cloud PBX works as smoothly for a small start-up as it does for a large, multi-department corporation with offices across the world.

You can add users to our PBX in an instant. No new telephone cables or sockets are necessary - so none of the engineering work that usually accompanies a phone upgrade. 

Moving premises? So long as the new place has broadband you’re ready to go. 

And scalability works in all directions.

Got more people? Expand your PBX to accommodate. 

Let some people go? Reduce accordingly. 

Big new marketing campaign about to start? Take on the capacity and the features you need. When the campaign’s over… cancel them.

No contractual tie-ins mean no financial penalties when you decide to stop using our services.

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