Utilities FAQ

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions relating to our Utilities supply service.

Q. What Utility services can you supply?

A. We can supply Electricity and Gas supplies. We are working on providing Water supplies as well.

Q. We are currently in contract with another supplier. Can you get us out of this contract, so we can switch our supply to you?

A. Unfortunately, no, we cannot do this. You will need to wait for your existing contract to come to an end, and then we can switch you onto on of our supplies.

Q. I am a small business owner and work from home, can you help me with my utility supply

A. No. We can only offer these rates to business supplies

Q. But I am a "business", surely you can help?

A. Alas, no. All business supplies are registered as such (we can also tell from the meter reference number, which is allocated to your supplies meter). If we attempt to get a quote for a residential supply, it will simply fail and we can't circumvent this.

Q. How much can you save me?

A. It varies massively between individual companies. Prices are also affected by geographic location, your annual consumption (if you use more energy, you will tend to get better rates) and also the type of business. Compared to standard business supply rates, we have seen, on average, between a 20 and 50% saving.

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