Introducing our Energy Services

We have recently entered the Energy supply market, allowing us to broker companies to wholesale energy providers for their Electricity and Gas supplies.

Unlike other brokers, we do not add commission to the energy rates you will pay (this is how brokers make their money). This means we are fairly confident that we can match or beat any Electricity/Gas supply/renewal quotations for businesses.

We are offering this service as a free "add-on" for existing Numbergroup customers, with no extra charges for using it. All we will do is obtain you the best quote possible for your Electricity and/or gas supply, and provide you with the necessary information to make an informed decision.

For us to deliver this to you, we require the following...

  • Electricity and/or Gas Bill, including the supply number/meter point reference information
  • Your rough annual usage.
  • Your supply renewal date (if applicable). Please note, we cannot break existing supply contracts, but if your renewal is coming up, we can quote you for a renewal up to 3 months in advance, which will start when your existing contract completes.

With the above information, we can supply you with a variety of quotes from various suppliers, and you are then welcome to pick the supplier you want. We can offer contracts from 1 to 5-year terms, although we have found the best value contracts lie at the 2 and 3-year contract lengths.

Once the contract has been established, you will deal with the supplier directly, who will bill you for your new supply.

We have managed to save other customers in excess of £8000 per year on their old contracts, so if you would like to save money on your utility costs, please let us know by calling us on 08004101010 or e-mailing

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