SMS Overview

We are now offering a fully-featured SM and MM service, which will allow users to send and receive SMS and MMS messages, either from a managed portal or via API. The service will only be available to Numbergroup subscribers, so you will need a Numbergroup account in order to have access to the new service.

Overview of available features

  • Outbound SMS/MMS functionality, using either a name (up to 11 characters) or number presentation (including your Numbergroup numbers).
  • Inbound and Outbound SMS/MMS functionality via a Simple Reply Service number
  • Inbound and Outbound SMS functionality via a dedicated inbound number (DIN)
  • Keywords on a Short Code
  • Full API integration, allowing sending and receiving of messages, maintenance of contacts and sender groups, message and batch status and more.
  • Short links - Link to a website in the shortest space possible, with the option to track how many times the link is used!

  • Surveys - Create custom, fully customizable surveys and view the results from within the SMS portal.

  • Mobile Web Page - Create a bespoke temporary mobile web page to show important information. No developers needed, just create on the portal and send out to your customers.

  • Scheduled sending - schedule your messages to be sent at particular dates/times

  • Automated replies/forwarding - Configure the system to automatically reply to certain received SMS, or forward these onto other sources.

Payment structure

The sending of any SMS/MMS message will require credits. These will have to be purchased prior to any messages being sent. SMS credits will be available via Pre-pay only, so credits must be paid for upfront.

We will charge a flat rate of 3p per SMS credit (ex. VAT). 1 SMS "credit" is enough to send a 160 character SMS message. Additional credits will be required in other scenarios. The credits would remain on your account until they are used. There will be no refunds for any unused SMS credits bought. 

If you wish to send MMS messages, then you will need to purchase MMS credits. These are charged at a flat rate of 35p per MMS credit (Ex. VAT).

If you wished to purchase a large volume of credits, then we may be able to offer a discount. Please contact the sales team for more information.

Additional features, such as Dedicated Inbound numbers, carry additional rental charges (see below). For further details, please contact the sales team.

Additional Costs/Prices

  • Messages sent using the SRS (Simple reply service) cost 1.5 credits per 160 characters. If you wish to send a lot of these messages, it may be better to invest in a dedicated inbound number (DIN)
  • Messages can be sent to international destinations, but the rates for each country vary. We would strongly recommend contacting us before sending to international destinations, so we can advise on the precise costs of sending SMS to these destinations. 
  • Dedicated Inbound Numbers (DIN)
    • £168 for 12 months (£14 per month)
  • Keywords on a Shortcode (eg. Text NUMBERS to 60777)
    • £180 for 12 months (£15 per month)
  • Dedicated Short Code - £POA
  • Reseller Account - £POA

Please note, All Prices are Excluding VAT.

Other Services

We can also offer WhatsApp Business services, along with other Rich Communication services. These are bespoke offerings, so require more detailed steps to provide these to the customer. If you are interested in these services, then please contact us for more information.

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