Where can I find more information about your Numbering API?

Our API provides machine to machine access to our provisioning servers which gives you access to our entire range of telephone numbers, as well as secure transactions via preregistered endpoints (IP address), the ability to request new Direct Dial-In (DDI) and update existing DDI translations.

We can extend API to suit business requirements, enabling immediate provisioning of new numbers, forwarding to existing numbers and also enabling enhanced services such as voicemail.

Our API accepts two types of methods for affecting a Number Translation. These include a ‘request’ and an ‘update’ method. The ‘request’ method allocates a new number translation while the ‘update’ method can update or remove a translation.

We need to enable your access to the API, to prevent abuse from 3rd parties, so if you would like access to our API, please contact us, and we will get this setup for you. The API documentation is located at the bottom of this article.

If you have any further questions please contact us.

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